Making cbd oil (tincture) first time!

Been making non cooking (alcohol and or honey or glycerin) tinctures for awhile with good success. Thanks to “she is of the woods” youtube site!.
This is my first time making a heated glycerin tincture and first time heated cbd tincture.

Years ago I tried THC (legal green card for AZ) for pain issues, instead of prescriptions.
Now, I am a recovery person from alcohol and cigarettes and was never into “smokin” even tho from the Northwest! So I didn’t want to “smoke” the THC. Instead I did this same thing (cooking it) but with my favorite coconut oil from tropical traditions! I would then put a spoonful into my coffee or tea.
It worked ok for me but Very expensive. Frankly, I couldn’t afford the $300. A year cost for the card to then buy the weed! Way to $$$$$ and I really didn’t want the high. I Really want relief!

Now that we can buy cbd from anywhere, which I didn’t realize, I am going to try again!

The tinctures that work for me are up around 200. I just cant afford that. That being said, it cost me about that to do this batch, but look at how much of product there is! Yay!

I would buy all trim or shake or whatever they call it these days to save $. There are other places to buy cbd, I ran into some looking at videos on how to “cook” it here on youtube.

I just chose glycerin because I already had it. It is non gmo, organic, food grade, bought off Amazon.

I hope you have a blessed day!

Get some liposomal vit c. I hear they are using it with success against this “latest” flu!


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