Endoca CBD & Raw CBD/CBDa Tincture Review

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It’s Brandy with Green Wellness Life. I wanted to briefly chat about Endoca today. They’re one of our favorite CBD brands and they have a new tincture option. So, don’t be surprised by these tiny bottles – they pack a ton of CBD into them. Blue label is their medium strength. Red label is the high strength, and this cool new orange guy is the super high strength.

So, blue bottles, we’ve got a decarboxylated and a raw option. Raw means that it has never been heated or filtered, but both of these are full-spectrum or whole plant options. We like the raw option for pain and the decarboxylated option for anything else that you’re looking for a whole plant solution to. Blue label offers 1mg of CBD per drop, so we’ve got 10mg in our little tiny spoon here.

Red label also has both a decarboxylated and a raw option. Red label offers 5mg of CBD per drop. We’ve also got 10mg of CBD oil in this spoon.

This new orange option is 3000mg of CBD packed into a 10ml bottle. That is what 10mg looks like with the orange option. So, it’s a really concentrated new alternative from Endoca. It only comes in the raw version, so it’s geared more towards people that are looking for everyday solutions geared toward pain.

So, just remember, blue means medium strength, red is high, and the new pretty orange label is that new 3000mg bottle from Endoca. We love Endoca. We love that there are no additives or fillers that keep it really clean and focused on the good stuff.

If we can help you make a decision, please reach out. We are here to help. That’s what we do. Thanks so much for watching! Have a great day!


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